Works of Art

The works of art department hosts the weird and wonderful found within the collections seen here at Hartleys. Often being the home for those items without a traditional or obvious section, it always holds the objects of most interest and rare wonderment. Multiple mediums are covered such as wood, metal, alabaster, ivory, horn, micromosaic and glass, and in a variety of finishes including ormolu, lacquer, marquetry and enamel.

Works appear from antiquity to the contemporary including Medieval and Renaissance items through to the Baroque and Classical styles of the 18th century to the Art Nouveau, Gothic Revival and Arts and Crafts of the late 19th century, Art Deco and later “vintage” items.  We handle sculpture, boxes, treen and domestic objects and vessels, decorative pieces, curiosities and needlework including samplers.

Being the “section of all section” we’ve a  multitude of valuers on hand should you want a pre-sale valuation.