Toy & Collectors Sale

Here at Hartleys we are well known throughout the UK for our specialist Toy & Collectors sales. Since 1989 Andrew Hartley pushed the section growing it into its current format as a twice a year stand alone sale filled with some of the most wonderful items.

The sale includes dolls, teddies, Mamod & construction toys, tin plate, die cast, model railways and large scale models, as well as sections devoted to advertising items and celebrity and sporting autographs. Within our large scale section of train models and large traction engines, you should also expect to see everything railway from rare lamps to station signs.

You will see all the usual suspects such as Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, Meccano, Britains, Hornby, Wrenn, Bachmann, Armand Marseille, Heubach, Kestner, Pelham, and Steiff. But also expect to see the items from the second half of the 20th century such as the ever popular Star Wars collectables.