Musical & Records

Within our Fine sale we hold a specialist musical instrument section containing the highest quality of instruments, beyond the usual grand pianos we you will often find violins, violas, cellos, rare guitars, clarinets and concertinas. 

Jumping into the 20th century and modern buying trends we have seen great success due to the recent resurgence in vinyl, as music taste has taken a turn for the nostalgic with the market craving the warm crackling undertones which can only come with a record player. Reflecting the age of the generation buying these records, the better prices have been seen within those from the 60s through to the 80s, with valuing staff keeping an open eye for those hidden gems and rare pressings within collections entered for sale.

Along with the vinyl, old trumpet headed record players have seen an inevitable rise in value with the retro turntables and stereograms of the 1970s such as those made by a Linn and Thorens commanding the richest rewards.