Ceramics & Glass

The ceramics and glass section always starts the Quarterly Fine Art sales and includes ceramics from across the Continents.  Many pieces in this section are brought in for specific valuation with the remainder gleaned from the thousands of lots which are sorted through in the weekly general sales.  It is always pleasing to be able to proffer our clients good news about their chattels, often regarding the pieces they least expect to be of value or interest!  Vintage ceramics and glass are selling well in the weekly sales, with mid-century Scandinavian, Italian and British design often realising the highest prices and leading the field over the more traditional tea and dinner services, figures and ornamental  ceramics.  Names to look out for here are M’dina, Whitefriars, Wedgwood (especially Keith Murray and Eric Ravilious), Stig Lindberg, Rye, Boda, Rorstrand, Arabia, Portmeirion, Bjorn Winblaad, Midwinter and Hornsea.   

The Chinese market is still buoyant but as collectors become more discerning, the rare, unusual and decorative pieces tend to realise the higher prices.  The section can be relied upon to have much interest with winning telephone bids often coming from Asia, competing hotly with the internet bidders. 

English and Continental ceramics as with many disciplines having reached the height of the market in the 1990’s, fell from favour in the early noughties, but are now regaining ground with traditional English pottery and porcelain selling to new collectors.  Continental ceramics tend to be more decorative and again many interior designers are utilising larger examples as statement pieces              

On a finer level, Austrian and German painted porcelain plaques are always sought after, and although religious scenes can be difficult to sell.