Arms & Militaria

One of our more eclectic and exciting sections covering everything from cultural marvels found within tribal warfare of the South Sea, the artistry of Japanese sword making, the engineering breakthroughs of the American 19th century, to European edge weapons, antique firearms and the length and breadth of material developed during the First and Second World Wars.

With a loyal following of local buyers as well as competitive interest overseas, this section eight years ago turned from a once yearly offering to a regular event where we have been lucky enough to see some marvellous collections over the years. Most recently being bayonets from the famous militaria academic, Rodger Evans.

Although we have a monthly offering of medals within our weekly sales, this Fine Sale section will always hold the better of what we see in terms of medal rarity and value.

As well as the offerings of flintlock, percussion and obsolete caliber firearms, we are also able to sell deactivated firearms within the limitations of current UK law as well as a six monthly offering of live firearms from sporting shotguns to rifles. All licensed firearms are dealt with within current UK legislation in connection with West Yorkshire Firearms Department and Charles is available for house visits to value such items if you are not comfortable travelling to us with them.